Secure Video Baby Monitor

Safe, Secure, and Mobile App to Monitor your Baby.

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Our Baby Monitor app allows you to use your for iPhone©, iPad©, or iPod touch© to monitor your baby safely and securely. Keep one device with your baby and use the app on any other device to watch high quality live video and audio of your baby.

How Does it Work?

Install the baby monitor app on two or more Apple devices. iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Purchase once by using same Apple ID or use Family Sharing (iOS 8+) on second device.

Start the app on both devices. Select Baby for the device that will be with your baby. Select Parent for the device you will use. Tap on the Baby device from the list that appears to start monitoring.


Live Video & Audio Montior

Hear and see everything in high quality while your baby sleeps using Home Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Giving you piece of mind.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Connectivity

Enjoy zero configuration Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity between Child and Parent devices.

Flashlight Mode

Use flashlight mode to adjust display brightness (front camera) or use flash (back camera) to see your baby in a dark room.

Lullabies & White Noise

Help your baby get to sleep by choosing a lullaby or white noise from our collection of tracks.

Multi Parent

Both parents and even a nanny are able to watch baby from different rooms using different devices simultaneously.

Talk to Baby

Soothe your baby easily from anywhere in your home using the talk to baby feature.

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Press Kit

Press Kit for Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Download Press Kit Here

Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Baby Monitor App?

The Baby Monitor App turns your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) into an affordable, safe, reliable, and easy to use video/audio baby monitor. One device (child unit) is left with the baby to capture video and audio. The other device (parent unit) is kept with the parents or nanny to watch the live video and audio.

Both devices connect via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth depending on your preference.

  What Devices are Supported?

The Baby Monitor App works on Apple devices (iPod, iPad, and iPhone) running iOS 8 or newer. Keep in mind older iPad models do not have a camera so those particular devices would only be useful as Parent Devices.

  Do I need to pay for the app multiple times to install it on all of my devices?

You are able to install any app that you purchase on up to 10 devices as long as you use the same Apple ID to purchase the app. You can make sure that your devices are using the same Apple ID by going to Settings on your device and click iTunes & App Store

You will want to purchase the app on your first device and then install it for free on all other devices.

If your devices are all using a different Apple ID you can logout and login using the Apple ID you used to purchase the app the first time. Then install the baby monitor app for free and when done logout and log back in as the original Apple ID.

Staring with iOS 8 you can use the Family Sharing feature to purchase the app once and install it for free on up to six other family accounts.

  How does the Signal Quality indicator work?

There is a round green indicator beside the battery life meter on your parent unit that will show you the quality of your connection. If the dot is green then your signal is excellent. If the dot is orange then signal quality is good enough for real-time monitoring. If the dot turns red the signal quality is poor and you may have to move your parent unit or child unit to get a better signal.

If you are using Wi-Fi the quality of the signal will depend on number of devices connected to the Wi-Fi network as well as distance between devices and the Wi-Fi router.

If you are using Bluetooth your signal quality will depend largely on the distance between the child device and parent devices.

  Is Baby Montior App Secure and Safe?

The baby monitor app will use ONLY local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for connections! No internet access is required so you don't have to worry about anyone else around the world connecting to your child units.

Additional security is also in place so that any parent unit connecting with the child unit for the first time will require that the connection from the parent unit is accepted on the child device.

  What is the Baby Monitor App range?

The range between parent units and child units is limited by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coverage. For Wi-Fi, the type of router you have will determine the range. You can find out more at this link Wifi and Bluetooth information

  How does Flashlight Mode work?

The Baby Monitor app is able to use the camera flash and screen brightness to lighten up the room enough to capture video while not disturbing the sleeping baby. This can all be controlled from the parent unit.

  How can use AirPlay with Baby Monitor App and Apple TV?

To display the video feed from your parent unit device to your Apple TV, you can use AirPlay mirroring from the parent unit device before launching the app. The screen of the parent unit device will then be displayed on your Apple TV. You can learn more about AirPlay Mirroring here

  How long will the battery last when using Baby Monitor App on my devices?

The battery usage typically lasts around 2 hours for an iPhone and 4 hours for an iPad. If you disable video it will double to about 4 hours for an iPhone and 8 hours for an iPad.

Keep in mind, results will vary based on device age, screen brightness, and device type.

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